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Alex zou

Lai Zou, or Alex Zou, is passionate about answering questions about inequality in the world. He wishes for a solution to abject poverty and socioeconomic disparities, such as gaps in income generation as well as public sector funding, and sees the study of economics as a key solution.

The Story

Reflecting back, Alex thinks the most important lesson he has learned is that there are always two sides to a story. This stems from an experience in kindergarten. At the humble age of five, Alex was thrown into a real-world dilemma; everyone was blaming each other regarding who started a problem first, and Alex was not quite sure as to who to trust and which facts to believe. This is meaningful because it has helped him with a lot of social interactions, to communicate problems effectively, and to resolve things in an efficient and timely manner.

Alex takes himself to a high standard when talking about academics; outside of school, he pursues AP economics, both micro and macro, as well as AP psychology. As for within his school, other than the core six classes, he also takes mechatronics and internet and communication technologies (ICT). These classes have been extremely useful to his learning and have helped him further develop his personality.

Outside of school, Alex commits to a multitude of extracurriculars; he enjoys debating, playing chess, skiing, and organizing programs. For one, he became an executive in the provincial chess association in order to help organize the hosting of tournaments all over British Columbia in Canada.


Other than extracurriculars and academics, Alex loves to read books. Some of the books that he likes include Le Rouge et la Noir, and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Looking ahead, Alex wishes to live a carefree but socially engaging life later on. His objective of attending a great university is not just to be educated but also to become socially connected with other peers that have the same objective. He feels that this may be the entire purpose behind attending university as a whole, as compared to it being a stepping stone to enter the workforce.

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