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Aspiring Political Scientist & Historian with an artsy streak: Working towards her goal of building inclusive spaces for diverse Youth. A flame navigating through the ways of her life. Ansh is an advocate for racial equality and has a strong passion for political science. A classically trained singer, who hopes to share her musical knowledge with those in need, Ansh displays strong characteristics of a leader. She hopes to enforce a positive change in this world, and is dedicated to her mission; To design space where you can be yourself.

The Story

Tauranga was growing fast but not fast enough for young people. Ansh  explains “I found I had to create most of my opportunities. Like a collection of branches, sprawling across a tree, I was able to leave pathways for others in my community; each branch representing a different opportunity that was not accessible 3 years ago.” Reigniting conversation about the future and engagement from tomorrow's leaders is something Ansh cares deeply about. 


“Acknowledging the incredible things we have accomplished as a species, we must not ignore the fact that we have a long way to go.” Quality education, equal opportunity for all and mental health awareness are ideals we must strive for, and what Ansh hopes to contribute progress in. The intricate nature of man made concepts are something Ansh could spend hours exploring. 


Ansh has worked diligently in developing her leadership skills. At age 13 she recruited and managed a team of 20+ internationally located students to lead a digital campaign against racism. As a part of this she published 103 informative posts and reached an audience of 500+ engaged followers across various social media platforms (Equality Design). Continuing on a path of communications and connection Ansh was recruited as the social media manager for an international sports psychology organisation. She managed a team of 6 global students to operate the social media platforms for this organisation. Ansh created several educational and informative posts surrounding mental health and coordinated with other media departments to distribute content (Mind Design Sports). In her local community Ansh led her school's Leo Club to put together ten high quality second hand Christmas gifts for children with low income families and created care packages consisting of essential items as well as handmade knitted blankets to be distributed throughout the local area during winter all while expanding club growth from 5 members to 45 in under a year. 


Outside of advocacy and creating change one step at a time, Ansh has been a musician from day one. From Barbie Princess and The Popstar to Grade 8 Trinity College London, Ansh has been on a long journey with her voice. She is a vocal tutor at Oxford Performing Arts Academy for learners of all ages, played principle roles such as Wednesday Addams in local productions and has musically directed three youth shows at Tauranga Musical theatre. She is a A Member of Aotearoa New Zealand Academy choir and Soprano one Section Leader of Luminosa Armonia Chorale.

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