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Alexis kang

Alexis Kang dreams big and embraces challenges with open arms. Her interest in management and environmental science have influenced her career choices, which focus on addressing the planet’s environmental concerns. 

The Story

From a young age, Alexis was taught that the consequences of climate change and global warming would be detrimental if action was not taken. Combining this with her parents’ support of letting her experiment with different business activities, she has been addressing the issue through many ways like setting up charity donations, making social media engagements, and most recently, setting up a business to sell sustainable products. This process of trial and error to see what would work has motivated her to overcome mistakes and failures and to be more willing to take risks. 


Alexis is an advanced classical pianist and competitive swimmer, and she aims to maintain her hobbies consistently throughout university. In addition, her passion in economics is personified by her ongoing investigation on patents and how they can factor into international political relations. When she can, she never misses a chance to participate in conferences and workshops regarding the topic, cultivating meaningful discussions and staying up to date on the latest developments in the field. 


In the future, Alexis aspires to be an entrepreneur, hoping to one day run a successful business that will help the planet get one step closer to slowing global warming. Furthermore, she strives to enrich her understanding of environmental issues by actively engaging in research, fieldwork, and collaborations with experts and peers interested in ecology and conservation.

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