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Based in Singapore, Kota Furusho is a well-developed athlete with passions for mathematics and economics, who believes that with the collaboration of all, full sustainability, peace, and equity can be achieved.

The Story

With an eye for the future, he hopes to use his platform to inspire and spread awareness about what it means to be sustainable, as well as redefine the term ‘peace’ for many. Sustainability to him means being able to continue something for a long time without running out of resources. He believes that sustainability is one of the top global priorities currently as any other issues also depend on this. By having unsustainability on earth, he envisions that other global issues are physically impossible to resolve, as it will create more and more conflicts and worsen current global issues. Peace to him is not just the lack of conflicts between parties, but it also involves the partnerships of parties to work towards a common goal; such as sustainable development. This is because if there are no common goals between countries, there is no collaboration and we aren’t able to achieve ‘sustainable peace’ and new conflicts will always arise, and without the levels of good connection, they cannot be resolved peacefully. Peace and collaboration is also important because with the collaboration of many countries and political parties, there is much larger manpower and we can potentially solve global issues efficiently. 


Another big focus for Kota is financial literacy. Financial illiteracy is a global issue that applies to both genders, all races, and all households. Even high-income households still lack the financial literacy to preserve their wealth in the long run. Financial literacy to him means to be smart about one’s money, and thinking long term about one’s financial situation. No matter the conditions, for example low or high income, understanding financial principles and how to sustainably maintain or grow one’s wealth is extremely important. Financial literacy is also not taught in most schools all around the world, therefore a mission of his has always been to make education on financial literacy more accessible and available for all. With financial literacy being more accessible, this helps a number of SDGs, namely Goals 1, 4, 8 and 10. He also believes that sustainable investing is a key to economic development in the future.

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