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Tianshuo Yan, also known as Eddie Yan, passionate high schooler that loves to delve deep into robotics with a mission to create positive change, and his love for biology pushes him to explore the mysteries of various parts of the human body. He is also a dedicated football and basketball player that uses these activities to benefit his mental and physical abilities.

The Story

Growing up, Eddie has always been fascinated by various science subjects, as well as STEM related classes. Besides the classroom, athletics has also been a huge part of his life. Ever since the first grade, he has participated in five different sports, and found interest in all of them. Being able to experience new activities with others was important to him, and he cherished that feeling during his childhood. Even though he wasn’t able to continue some of his athletic journeys, he’s still going strong in both football and basketball. His passion cannot be matched and sports has helped him with his mentality as well as his outlook on his life. 


Currently studying at the Lexington High School, Eddie is using both his school as well as online resources to level up his learning related to the future of innovation and technology. He is taking courses in chemistry, precalculus, and personal finance, and he excels in chemistry because he sees this closely connected to various world problems he believes are most urgent to be addressed.  


In terms of his extracurricular activities, he is actively engaged in First Tech Robotics. He is also active in his voluntary work, having achieved the Presidential Gold Award through his various altruistic initiatives. During his spare time, one can find Eddie at school conversing with his teachers and making new friends, or at the robotics club finding new ways of improving his robot. 


Looking towards the future, Eddie aims to secure a world class education in the areas of engineering and sciences. He believes that to truly unlock a future of prosperity, one must upskill in both areas of business and technology, and becoming a start-up founder in the areas of climate change, disinformation and inflation appeals to him. This way, he can stay motivated towards his ambition in leaving a lasting legacy. 

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