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Jiajin Xie, or Buster, is an enthusiastic high school student in academic and personal growth. With a resilient spirit, Buster navigates challenges, fostering a love for learning and aspiring to make a positive impact in business in the future.

The Story

Buster moved from China to Canada at the age of 10 and transitioned from a public school in Markham to Pickering College in Newmarket in grade 7 and continued his journey of academics. Furthermore, Buster is fluent in both Chinese and English. One important thing is Buster has different experiences on education of different cultures and makes his mind full with creativity and open to changes. 


Growing up, my favorite story is about perseverance, it teaches me the path to overcome challenges. This life lesson shapes my character, fostering a resilient spirit that guides my journey in life with unwavering commitment.


In Buster’s academic journey, he’s immersed in the world of math, where his passion for mathematics thrives. Outside the classroom, he’s been a participant in the sport Fencing for almost 8 years and fencing has become an essential part of his life. 


Outside of academics, Buster is also a fencing student athlete and has been involved in this sport for almost 8 years. His dream objective of attending University is to study finance or economics in the future and become a good entrepreneur. 

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