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Crystal Gillespie embodies a remarkable blend of discipline, consideration, and ambition in her pursuit of knowledge and experiences. As an avid seeker of diverse perspectives and voices, she thrives on exploring new avenues to broaden her understanding. Passionate about fostering Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB), she actively champions these values within her community. Her biracial heritage holds profound significance, driving her to deeply appreciate and connect with both facets of her identity. Eager to encourage self-acceptance in others, she leads by example, embracing challenges and assuming leadership roles with zeal.

The Story

Crystal's journey has been marked by a tapestry of challenges that she fearlessly confronted while navigating her path. One notable chapter took her to Ottawa, where she ventured into the realm of a leading technology firm, Ciena, renowned for its expertise in software and hardware development. Immersed in this dynamic setting, adapting became her compass as she acclimatized to the environment. Through this experience, she not only cultivated adaptability but also honed her collaborative and communicative skills. Working alongside a spectrum of individuals, from fellow university peers to seasoned engineers with Master’s Degrees, Crystal embraced the opportunity to synergize diverse perspectives. In this crucible of collaboration, she found a platform to address challenges, effect change, and harness collective problem-solving abilities. This immersion fortified her resolve to catalyze transformation by harnessing the power of diverse voices and skills.


Crystal's academic prowess extends beyond the confines of her internship, reflecting her commitment to excellence both inside and outside the classroom. Juggling the rigors of challenging Advanced Placement (AP) courses, particularly in sciences and mathematics, she has excelled notably in subjects such as Computer Science and Advanced Functions. Yet, her engagement transcends academics alone; she invests herself passionately in diverse extracurricular pursuits. Whether immersing herself in Model United Nations, displaying her athletic prowess in Track and Field and Badminton, or expressing her cultural affinity through Chinese Traditional Dance, Crystal demonstrates an unwavering dedication to continuous improvement. Each endeavor has become a canvas for her to glean invaluable life lessons—be it through leadership, competition, or immersive learning experiences.


However, her impact extends far beyond personal enrichment. Crystal has exemplified her altruistic spirit through the creation of the Global Youth Charity MC Club, a non-profit organization devoted to providing English-Second-Language students with accessible and cost-free English tutoring systems. Her philanthropic endeavor underscores her commitment to leveraging education as a tool for inclusivity and empowerment within her community. Moreover, her intellectual curiosity extends to global math competitions, where she avidly participates, from the University of Waterloo contests to the American Mathematics Competitions, earning numerous Certificates of Distinction. Her pursuit of excellence in mathematics stands as a testament to her unwavering passion for these rigorous academic pursuits while embodying her unrelenting drive to push boundaries and excel on an international stage.

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