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Camille Lin is an independent and hard-working 15 years old student currently studying at Stanford Online High School, and sees herself as a young global citizen of the world. 

The Story

Growing up, she likes photography because she loves to admire the world around her from various perspectives and immerse herself into a dreamscape where she can create the change she wishes to see. This inspires her to become interested in S.T.E.A.M. subjects and further her intellectual curiosity across the five pillars. 


Understanding that empathy is a core value of humankind, Camille enjoys helping others and teaching children the wonders of the world outside of the classroom. She is part of the kids teach the world club as well as the robotics club. More recently, to pursue her passion in connecting sciences to the real world, she started learning economics as a pathway to create smarter and more sustainable cities. 


In lower school, she became a part of the student council for three years and also acted student ambassador in middle school. Ever since a young age, she learned dance and recently had a formal solo performance, which enriched her expanding dreamscape world. Wishing to contrast her dance moves with those of human-designed robots, she started learning robotics and coding during lower school and is still learning it to this day. Lastly, to round out the world she wishes to build, she has experience in playing the violin, piano and is currently learning viola.


With all these pursuits, she is not yet certain about what she wants to do in the future. One thing for sure, she will live her life to her fullest potential, as an artist, a business owner or more. Only time will tell.

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