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Nicholas is an inquiring student who is inherently curious about societal workings, gravitating towards finance, igniting a passion that led him to actively engage in business competitions, and eager to apply his knowledge and skills in real-world scenarios.

The Story

As a child, Nicholas was driven by an insatiable desire for perfection in all things, whether it be school, sports, or even games, believing that achieving flawlessness was the ultimate goal. Nicholas soon realized, however, that this aspiration for perfection would be unattainable. This realization led Nicholas to understand the importance of embracing imperfections and learning from mistakes. Transitioning from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, Nicholas began to view errors as opportunities for growth and self-improvement rather than as reflections of inadequacy.


In school, Nicholas is actively participating in DECA, where he placed top 10 4 times at the regional and state competition level. Along with serving as a co-founder of his community service cooking club, CHOP, Nicholas also makes the most of his time at school, taking the maximum honors and AP classes allowed at his school, while also taking a Financial Markets and Chemistry self-study course outside of school.


Outside of school, Nicholas was accepted into a Stripe work experience program where he led a team of four active high school students to create a financial valuation of Under Armour which he pitched to the executives of Stripe as the team lead.

In the future, he plans to study either finance or entrepreneurship in the future.

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