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Joyce Ni is a creative and empathetic student interested in literature, various art, design and social benefit. She enjoys music, visual art and design through joining as a member of the school's choir, art in action and yearbook design clubs. She has a strong desire to help society and animals with her design creativity, optimism and assertive leadership.

The Story

Over the years, she has cultivated a diverse range of interests, drawing inspiration from her personal experiences and the narratives of those around her.


On environmental issues such as climate change, she has witnessed the increasing impact of rising temperatures on ecosystems around her, whether it is focused on humans, species or even plants. She is concerned about the acceleration of extinction that may arise should climate change be left unchecked. 


Passionate about social causes, particularly children’s rights and gender equality, Joyce envisions about the future of the world, one which should be safeguarded for generations to come. In terms of education, she believes that the environment in which children grow up directly impacts their perspectives and outlooks on life, which can have a tremendous effect on their adult lives. This is key to unlocking the stability of society as a whole. On the topic of gender equality, Joyce is of a strong opinion that females as a community have been treated unfairly and inequitable. An example she likes to quote is that moms who become pregnant may often face discrimination in the workplace, impacting her career path. Furthermore, with the rise of technology, the output and outcomes women can create are now mostly on par with men, yet women are often paid less. In summary, the traditional benefits associated with men such as strength has been vastly reduced with innovation, and society as a whole must better factor this in for the female workforce.  


Animal rights are another focal point for Joyce. She has noticed increasing human-driven activities that are damaging the natural environment and reducing the living space of wildlife. Moreover, she has detected activities whereby humans bring wildlife into captivity for commercial gains, often at the detriment to the health of these animals, such as monkeys, elephants, minks and more. For domesticated pets, there is an increase of cases related to mistreatment and abuse stemming from irresponsible owners, and that has led to rising burden of animal shelters in major cities such as her hometown in Beijing. 


Looking forward, Joyce aspires to engage in academic and leadership pursuits focused on designing innovative, sustainable solutions for these issues. She invites her peers to join her in collaborative efforts, emphasizing the collective power of youth to shape a better future for all.

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