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Helena Hao is a very adventurous and curious person who loves trying out new things. She has taken up a particular interest in the area of neuroscience, and seeks to further develop her professional and personal skills in this area and contribute to society.

The Story

Growing up, her experiences have taught her that in order to improve, one must not be afraid to take risks, in particular, calculated risks. This mindset has stayed with her as she forges her own path and aims for newer heights, and shaped how she perceived the world. She has also inspired many of her peers to rise up to challenges rather than avoid them, and this has led to stronger bonds being developed amongst her community.  


Helena is charting an interdisciplinary course in order to become the person she wishes to be. In terms of academics, she is focused in the areas of biology, conservation and sustainability (through the immersive program AIS Costa Rica) and psychology. She believes that the co-existence of people and the planet is important to bring long-term prosperity to the world. In her free time, she plays tennis, engages with the art and cooking clubs, and participates in the editing and publishing of the STEM journal at school. Furthermore, she is undertaking collegiate level research in the area of pollution and mental health. To manage stress, she plays the violin and is a member of the orchestra. 


Looking ahead, Helena hopes to be able to learn more about what science holds to be able to help and research more about the brain and the behaviors of humans. She ultimately wants to explore more about neuroscience and how it relates to the world.

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