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Yanin Ngamsirijit, or Prim, is a curious and compassionate person. She was born in Thailand and subsequently moved to the United States for high school. Through her various engagements, she aims to gain expertise in marketing, tech development, and community building, helping her contribute meaningfully towards sustainable living.

The Story

Prim believes that in order to achieve and realize her life ambitions, she has to roll up her sleeves and get down to work across multiple disciplines. She is honored with a Silver Key in the Scholastic Arts and Writing competition for exceptional poetry skills. She is a state champion swimmer, successfully competing in the NCISAA since arrival in the US. She received the Mathematics Award with honors for outstanding achievements in mathematics. Prim serves as a form representative on the Student Council, actively involved in decision-making and event organization for the entire school. She is a member of the Mitchell Cabinet, a select service club, collaborating with peers to organize both in-school and community service initiatives. Prim also volunteers at Rescue Paws Thailand, contributing time to help dogs get adopted and support animal welfare.


As an aspiring entrepreneur, she aspires to launch an innovative app designed to inspire and empower individuals to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle. The idea for this app was born out of her deep passion for the environment and a sincere desire to make a positive impact on our planet. Witnessing the increasing environmental challenges we face today motivated me to create a solution that raises awareness and actively encourages sustainable living.  This app will serve as a comprehensive tool, tracking users' daily activities and providing insightful analyses of their environmental impact. It goes beyond just monitoring; the app will suggest personalized strategies for users to reduce their carbon footprint. 


Looking ahead, Prim aims to not only make sustainable living accessible but also enjoyable, fostering connections and communities dedicated to a greener, healthier planet. Through her academic and professional pursuits, she seeks to build a solid foundation for sustaining a successful eco-friendly business in the future.

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