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Ethan Li is an active student at Leaside High School in Toronto who aspires to make a difference in the world. It is said that eighty percent of the world's wealth is controlled by twenty percent of the people, while the other twenty percent is held by eighty percent of the people. To change this, he chose to major in Economics and Investment.

The Story

​He was born in China and lived there for eleven years. As a child, he traveled around the world, and the food and traditions of the world taught him about the beauty of the world and the simple truth - make sure you can say thank you in the local language. Trouble grew up with him, but he benefited from the positive outlook on everything that travel fosters. With the Internet, he was introduced to the "economy" and the importance of money. The more he got in touch with the economy, the more he liked it. In his opinion, investing is a gamble, and every choice you make is a gamble, just with different probabilities.But he doesn't want "gambling" to hurt people, he wants people to get what they want, and to that end, he does a lot of charity projects, creates websites to get input and feedback, and does his best to make everyone happy.​


As he got older, he was introduced to piano, drums, hockey, golf, and anime. These hobbies made his life full every day, the black and white keys intertwined, the beautiful sound of the piano mesmerized him, so with this love and hard work, he got his Level 10 piano certificate in China. When he came to Canada, he benefited from his piano skills, joining the orchestra when he entered high school, but he still wants to push forward.  His other interests are also the same as the piano, allowing him to show his "characteristics" at school.​


Ethan hopes to attend Wharton Business School, where he will use what he learns to help him fulfill his dreams and contribute to the betterment of the world. "As every gram of weight is added, the scales tip."

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