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Annie Yu is a dedicated student, who excels in her favorite subjects at school- English, history and math. A skilled organizer and analytical by nature, she prefers behind-the-scenes roles, but does enjoy taking the spotlight every once in a while.

The Story

Growing up, Annie was influenced by a favorite Chinese folktale of The Tortoise and The Hare, where the moral of the story was slow and steady wins, choosing quality over quantity, and to never let arrogance get the best of you. It taught her how to be humble yet able to accept praise when it was given. 


The moral of the folktale accompanied her throughout her childhood and teenage years, when she had moved from Canada to China during the most turbulent of Covid measures. In China, she attended an international school in Qianhai, Shenzhen, where, surrounded by innovation, economics and new technology, she took interest in these topics. Though she has yet to create anything spectacular concerning these subjects, she has always taken a fancy to them, once joining a stock market/ cryptocurrency club to learn more (it wasn’t successful but it served as a starting point).  


Due to the fact that she’s in ninth grade and has yet to commence the IB program officially, there aren’t many classes or clubs she can join in the field of economics and finance, which is why she has decided to take AP microeconomics and macroeconomics exam at the end of the year to further enrich her knowledge in these areas. She has also joined a computer science club where middle school students can learn python, how to build websites, etc. , because she sees a future at the intersection of business and technology. 


In her free time, Annie enjoys taking art lessons at art galleries and studios in her city (mostly during long weekends, breaks and holidays). She also enjoys playing the clarinet in her school band, because she believes that a balance between subjects such as math and art are important and helps students maintain a healthy- yet hectic- school life.

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