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Aryeh Goldstein is an intellectually curious student who attends Ramaz, a dual curriculum school that encompasses both traditional secular as well as Judaic studies. As a result, Aryeh is facile in diverse yet interrelated subject matter – he is equally comfortable engaging in STEM topics and American literature as he is in exploring Jewish theology, law, and ritual. 

The Story

He has cross-fertilized his advanced Talmudic studies, where he has learned to analyze all situations along every possible dimension, into his other academic disciplines including mathematics.  He has taken to heart his development into a moral person who conducts himself in an upstanding manner through his study of Pirkei Avot, a section of the Talmud roughly translated as “Ethics of the Fathers.”  He is acutely aware that his multicultural opportunities, experiences, and background have provided him with a rare set of privileges. As a result of these privileges, as well as the Jewish values that he has absorbed from his family, school, and community, Aryeh fully recognizes it is incumbent upon him to give back and make society better for those who are under-resourced and less fortunate.


Languages have been an important part of Aryeh’s upbringing.  He realized at an early age that being able to communicate with someone in their native tongue can serve to foster a better relationship and dialogue with the other person.  He spent multiple summers in French immersion situations with fellow teens, where he not only became conversationally fluent in French, but also learned a tremendous amount about French culture, family life, and education.  He has passed the French government’s DELF B2 exam, the level required to work and study in France.  He also is conversationally fluent in Hebrew and reads Aramaic.


At Ramaz, Aryeh is a member of a number of teams and clubs. He founded the Math Behind Finance Club and is President of the Business/Investment Club and captain of Math team. The Ramaz Model Congress team won “Best Small Delegation” at the Yale Model Congress.  He is a co-editor of both Rampage and Ram Street Journal, the school’s two publications on political and business topics.


Aryeh has a passion for economics and finance.  He is the team leader for a Ramaz entrant into the Wharton Investment Competition who has been awarded a place in the semi-finals of the competition. Economics and finance have also provided an outlet for him to give back, as he has observed that there is a real, teachable skill for someone to manage their money properly.  Along with some colleagues from a Wharton summer program, they founded FinEdVenture, a financial literacy platform specifically designed for high school students.  It provides beginner and advanced curriculums covering topics in both personal and corporate finance.  Aryeh is the primary developer of the content for the site, including text, script, and video production.  It has already reached over 4,000 students across 11 countries.


Aryeh hopes to study economics and finance and eventually have a career in international business, government and policy.

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