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Carlos Han

Carlos Han is a disciplined, dedicated, and curious young man with a passion for economics and mathematics. He firmly believes that applying academic theories in everyday life, whether it pertains to understanding business and governmental decisions or analyzing individual behaviors, is crucial for making the world a
better place.

The Story

Carlos was born into an opulent and privileged family where education was valued tremendously. By the age of 11, Carlos immigrated to Spain to start his international education. However, it was not until he enrolled in the American School of Barcelona and its debate club did he begin to be thoroughly educated about the importance of human rights, human responsibilities and ways to enhance them. In the debate club, there are often motions of global issues that Carlos know little about, but after committing deep research and investigation on them, Carlos fully comprehends the cruciality of mitigating, if not fixing, global problems while simultaneously spreading them on platforms so more people stop to become negligent and actually do something about them. In addition, Carlos has also benefited from a school UN SDG project in which he chose female underrepresentation in the financial fields in Barcelona as his core investigation and developed a feasible solution along the way. Later, he presented the problem along with the solution to some experts in the field and got evaluation and feedback as part of his knowledge. Carlos has always appreciated these opportunities and is always willing to help people who are subjected to inequality, insecurity, climate change impacts, human rights violations, and so on. 


In school, Carlos is a member of the mathematics club and is organizing a math competition in April 2024. Not only does he compete with many other talented math students at the international stage, but also is taking a rigorous IB math AA course with consistent 7s. In terms of his interest for economics, Carlos is studying the theories of microeconomics and is advancing to Macroeconomics in the following months, he enjoys particularly the appliance and usage of economics in real life situations. Outside of school, Carlos is a sporty and enthusiastic individual, he plays both ping pong and tennis in clubs every week and often invites friends to play with him on the weekends. He also attends the school debate club on Mondays, mostly for personal improvement and to discuss current events along the way. 


Looking ahead, Carlos wishes to study economics in a university and potentially connect with his future career. He wants to learn models that can accurately represent real-world economics and apply them to solve complex problems, contribute to economic development, and make informed decisions both in his professional endeavors and beyond.

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