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wenny wanying han

Wanying Han, or Wenny, is a sophomore student currently based in Los Angeles, California. Having grown up in Beijing and subsequently Toronto, her diverse cultural background has greatly influenced her profound interest in the arts. Actively engaged in the cultural scene, Wenny frequents local art exhibitions, attends live performances, and expresses her creativity through personal artistic projects. Currently, her interest areas lie at the intersection of mental health and pandemic preparedness along with cybersecurity and disinformation, reflecting the reality of the 21st century adolescent in the world of digitalisation. 

The Story

Wenny's journey is from a collection of standout moments from her childhood. From her debut at a fashion show to recording her first song, exploring film production, and clinching a dance floor gold medal, each experience shapes her diverse and vibrant identity.


Academically, Wenny thrives in subjects like Art History, and the sciences. Extracurricularly, she is involved in a sustainable fashion initiative at school, weaving together her love for style and environmental consciousness. Personally, she values quality time with family and friends, fostering connections that fuel her spirit.


For Wenny, a growing problem which our society faces is human-driven overconsumption in the modern world. This behavior in itself is causing an interconnected myriad of issues related to environmental conservation as well as health and well-being, exacerbated by disinformation campaigns and cybersecurity threats. She aims to create a holistic blueprint for youth to put a stop to overconsumption by recognizing the root causes and ideating solutions which can lead to systemic change in this area.


Looking ahead, Wenny aims to pursue a dual degree connecting her two key areas of interests: Her goal is to connect the realms of arts and culture with business and technology, creating a unique intersection that reflects her diverse background and multifaceted interests. Wenny wants to not only contribute to innovative and creative industries but also to be a motivator in shaping the intersection between artistic expression and technological advancement. With a forward-thinking mindset, she aims to make her path in a profession that values both creativity and strategic thinking.

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