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Forever looking for new opportunities to try, Sophie Cheung is a risk-taker who is intrigued by the field of law and psychology. She is keen on helping the less fortunate and using her voice to stand up for others. Currently, she has interests in the areas of mental health, gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights and other areas of injustices.

The Story

Born in Hong Kong, from a young age Sophie Cheung has always been interested in Western culture. She hoped to go abroad later in life, a dream she achieved last year by going abroad to England and studying at Cheltenham Ladies College for one year. During that year, she not only increased her academic knowledge, but also gained insight and wisdom on the harsh reality of life. It was there where she decided to help the less fortunate, especially after volunteering to teach underprivileged children English writing before that. 


From a young age, Sophie has attempted various instruments, languages and sports. She is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, as well as having learnt French, Spanish and Latin both in and out of school. She enjoys learning new languages as a way to challenge herself. She has also played golf for 6 years, something she wishes to pursue in the future as somewhat of a semi-professional. 


In the future, Sophie hopes to pursue a career in law, psychology or forensics in the US or UK. Looking ahead, Sophie aims to be a changemaker in the area of social injustices and mental health. She intends to do so through promoting these ideas on a future platform, as well as doing more in depth research about them.

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