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Wang Xi's life can be divided into three main parts: studying, exercising, and gaming. Though perhaps simplistic in nature, the magic happens as they intersect and lead to the birth of new experiences.

The Story

Here is a story about his past - his personal game. When he was a child, Warcraft, Starcraft and other computer games were popular around the world, and he often sat in front of the huge screen to fight blood, and was deeply fascinated by this. However, Chinese schools don't allow electronic devices, so his breaks are always boring. One day, according to his memory, he drew a map of Azeroth in World of Warcraft on his notebook, and the inspiration came: Why can't he create his own game on paper? Mage, warrior, priest, hunter ... there is something for everyone. Each character is lifelike on the paper, at the same time, he created an excellent and rigorous world view and game rules, the students were immediately deeply attracted and intoxicated. For the first time, he felt the joy of creation and imagination.


To pursue his various ambitions, he has taken up quite a spectrum of activities. He participates in UKMT, Kangaroo, and other discipline-based competitions. To further his scientific curiosity, he formed a physics club, participated in CTP competitions, engaged in school fitness, meditation and beach cleaning clubs


In the future, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence and virtual reality, he hopes to create a game technology company. This way, more people can accept and like the ninth art of human beings - games.

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