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Tianyue (Tony) hua

Tony Hua is a rising Year 11 student at Eton College in England. Originally from Shanghai, he has grown an interest in the area of economics (behavioral and financial) as well as data science and civil engineering. He believes that through an interdisciplinary approach to education, he would be more ready to tackle the ever changing and increasingly challenging problems we as a society face in the future.

The Story

The most important and meaningful lesson Tony learnt was during the entrance scholarship to his public school, Eton College. He knew that the scholarship was going to be challenging and extremely competitive yet he marginally put it aside to pursue his other interests at the time. He did not receive the scholarship. This would turn out to be woefully regretful as those scholars would turn out to be his same classmates and friends and he would feel that he was missing something. Although he received an award for classics during the process and an academic scholarship later on, it did not have the same gravitas as that of the original. As a result, Tony acknowledged the importance and value of every opportunity and thus attempted to undertake all with avidity.


Tony understands that holistic leadership requires a balanced approach, one which demonstrates action and impact both in and out of the classroom. In school, he has chosen to pursue a great variety of subjects, ranging from languages to religion. He believes that an all-rounded education is the key to opening doors to a heterogeneity of opportunity not only limited to that of economics and finance. Afterall, one’s perception of a future career is always subject to change. Outside the classroom, Tony has also invested much time in essay competitions and olympiad to expand his understanding and explore a non-syllabus style of learning.


Tony has selected extracurricular activities that grow both his breadth and depth. He is a keen sportsman and undertakes a handful of racket sports, including tennis, table tennis, squash and golf, regularly attending sports training and matches. To balance the pressured and adrenaline-driven aspect of sport, Tony also sees sports as a way of socializing with friends and always keen to join in a casual game of football. At the same time, music also occupies a great part of Tony’s quotidian life. Being a prominent member of multiple orchestras and choir and also a frequent concert performer also emphasizes the musician-self in Tony. 


Looking ahead, Tony aims to establish a strong foundation for his potential careers beyond, whether it be in the areas of finance, consulting, entrepreneurship and more. He wishes to achieve a sense of accomplishment, fulfill his dreams and be successful enough in order to be able to strengthen his own team and community, and support those in need. This will enable him to pass on a legacy that is based on trust, empathy and commitment to a greater purpose.

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