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auston yang

PLANunity, Founder

Auston Jiaqiang Yang is a diligent and intellectually curious advocate in the areas of environmental science and economics. He aims to become an entrepreneur in the future contributing to a more sustainable, greener world. Auston is keen to explore a redesign of public-private partnerships to create impact towards reducing economic and educational inequalities.

The Story

Auston is born in a family with two other siblings. This could be overwhelming and tiring (at least for his parents). With a younger brother, and a younger sister, it could become quite chaotic. With totally polar-opposite personalities, Auston and his brother constantly break out into fights and arguments. Despite knowing they're going to be scolded afterwards, it wasn’t enough to stop the fighting. As Auston got older, the amount of times they fought started to decrease and he started to miss the good old times. Although his brother is the most annoying person he’s ever met, he couldn’t help but think that his brother was one of the few people that has accompanied through his journey through life. It made him realize, as much as Auston may always see him as an antagonist, he is grateful for his existence. 

At school, Auston undertakes a rigorous academic program which balances a pursuit for the sciences, both natural (biology) and social (economics), in addition to environmental science, language and literature. In terms of his extracurricular activities, he is an active member in the areas of fencing and badminton, enjoys building his cardiovascular strength through cross country, expressing his emotions and dreams through playing the piano and contributes to altruistic pursuits through his community service (ItoD) engagements.


He is the founder of PLANunity, a youth organization aiming to tackle environmental and social issues through the advancement of new public private partnerships.


In the future, Auston hopes to attend a prestigious institution to further fulfill his intellectual curiosity and to build forever lasting connections. In addition, he hopes he can explore new fields and expand his passions. In the far future, Auston hopes to pursue a career he truly loves and sustain the close bonds he has with his family members.

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