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Anish Chowdhury is a very passionate hardworking individual who is determined to pursue a life at the intersection of economics, politics, and entrepreneurship. He believes that in order to transform the world for the better, he must take action, no matter the scale, to mobilize himself as well as his peers.

The Story

From a young age, Anish was exposed to the works of change-makers including Nobel laureate Amartya Sen, minister of Social Welfare of Bangladesh, Dipu Moni, and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient and former CEO of Girl Scout, Frances Hesselbein. From Amartya Sen, Anish learned how economics can be utilized to drive good in society and utilize great. Bangladesh’s homestead minister, Dipu Moni discussed the dire situation of Rohiyanga and taught Anish the importance of diplomacy and international politics.  Finally from Frances, Anish learned how to apply leadership strategies in the real world. This exposure led to Anish’s obsession with watching countless documentaries and reading countless articles and books about economics, global affairs, and business. 


Utilizing this knowledge Anish has taken part in multiple activities including Model United Nations, speech and debate, and mock trial. Anish has won multiple awards including becoming the first person from his school to qualify for the National Speech and Debate Competition, outstanding delegate in UCLA, best delegate for Los Angeles MUN, and 2x team MVP mock trial. Through these various initiatives, Anish has built up his public speaking skills and knowledge of global economics which he is eager to apply. 


To realize his professional and personal ambitions, his dream is to pursue an interdisciplinary education degree at the Huntsman School of Business and eventually start his own ethical management consulting and advisory firm that works with both the public/private sectors to increase productivity while simultaneously benefiting people from all backgrounds. Tying in his three passions of public policy, economics, and entrepreneurship, he aims to create a legacy that is shared and supported by his generation. 

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