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Maria Ten is a passionate and curious young mind who believes in the power of marketing and communications to bring about the change she wishes to see in society. She is interested in how various global issues such as authoritarianism, disinformation, healthcare and education intersect and how she can influence change from inward to outward.

The Story

Growing up, Maria has a few lived-in experiences which she likes to attribute towards the person she has become today. First, her father once told her that it’s better to regret what one has done than about the missed opportunity, and as such, she is open for new experiences and will take charge and advantage, as without mistakes we will never grow. Second, she has learned that to tackle procrastination, it is actually easier to finish the work and be free after, instead of feeling the guilt and dealing with consequences. Third, she noticed how words can change the emotional state of the person one talks to. Moreover, there is a psychology study about the words with the same meaning, but a difference in the harshness for example. One will never believe that it has dramatically changed how people perceive the situation. In marketing it's one of the main parts - how to present oneself, product or service. Her main point is that for the last few years, she has learned how to be able to talk with very different people and how to present herself and her views to secure the action she wishes. She hopes to expand on these experiences and develop her own 6P's of marketing: product, price, place, promotion, people, and presentation


Currently, Maria is undertaking a wide ranging scope of academic and leadership activities to help her become more grounded. Academically, she has done both the GCSE and AP curriculums across numerous schools such as Mill Hill, d’Overbroeck's College and ACS Cobham, and finds classes such as AP Psychology, AP Studio Art, Business Management, AP Statistics and AP Microeconomics to be most interesting. To expand her leadership, she is a member of Anti-Racism Club, participates in oratory courses, plays chess, draws and listens to audio books. In her spare time, she is focused on her personal fitness, and you will often see her running, exercising, weightlifting, playing volleyball, doing gymnastics and even ballet, golf and cross-fit depending on the season. Recognizing the importance of on-the-job experience, she has taught English during summer camps as well as worked in McDonalds between the ages of 15 and 16. 


Looking ahead, Maria firmly believes that, in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, being able to connect with and mobilize younger demographics has become a paramount goal for global campaigns looking to secure their future success. With Generation Z and millennials wielding significant power and influencing trends, the role of youth activation has never been more crucial. For her university and professional careers, she would like to further learn and understand the unique preferences, behaviors, and communication styles of youth, enabling empowerment campaigns towards addressing the aforementioned global issues she cares about to be effective.

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