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Yikai kevin

Yikai Kevin Qiu is a vibrant student currently studying in Shanghai. His interests lie at the intersection of business and innovation, and he has a particular interest in the area of data science.

The Story

From Kevin’s perspective, the most unique part of himself is that he continuously seeks to identify working patterns of the world and every people’s life. He recalls when he was in primary school, he had already taken an active interest in understanding how people think, and over time, this evolved from people to capturing a larger scale through society and community, through the lens of cultural traditions and religion. He likes to devote himself to the research of mathematics and theology, which are both a description of the origin of human’s self-consciousness and the description of the universe. 


One of his highlight experiences is a summer camp where he was able to confirm one to two potential areas of interest for math-based research. He appreciates the importance of conducting college level research to build a solid academic foundation in tackling global issues. At school, he is an active participant in small seminars about math. He paid a lot of attention to the organizing of the seminar and fought for the time and classroom to hold it regularly. After that, he can have discussions with his classmates about some math problems and enjoy their time together.


Kevin is one who steps up when he identifies a problem. As a practitioner of high level mathematics, he has also noticed at times improper paces and methods of mathematics education in China, and the outcome is that students lose interest in math early and quickly. To confront this issue, he has planned some roundtable discussions about math, highlighting the work of some amazing mathematicians in my primary school for students to stay engaged. As a Chinese saying goes ‘兴趣是最好的老师 - Interest is the Best Teacher’, finding their inspiration in math early may have an impact in their whole life. Math is not just about mathematicians working on problems; it is also about proper and complete education of the mathematical way to see and consider the world.


Looking ahead, Kevin aims to secure more opportunities to get access to the current studies of mathematics and other fields. Seeking further intellectual curiosity and development, he also seeks to meet more like-minded friends on a global basis as well as professors who have accomplished a lot in the field. Through knowledge and know-how transfer, he wishes to learn from them and enrich his professional and personal development.

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