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Ruben Wahyudi 

Ruben Wahyudi is an enthusiastic STEM student who believes in giving everyone equal opportunities in life. He believes his goal wouldn't be so far from reach with the help of technological innovations and advancements in humankind.

The Story

As a child, Ruben was given strict but loving parents who enforced that he'd try to do anything and everything he could. This led Ruben to indulge in many unrelenting fields, such as computer science, which grew on him. Through the five or so years of computer science, Ruben has been versed in computer science languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, C#, C, HTML, and most recently, R.


However, the severe commitment to coding does not keep Ruben bound to a chair in his room. Ruben also participates in multiple sports such as competitive swimming, Swimming Martial Arts, Tennis, and Track and enjoys activities such as debates and philosophical discussions, so far as to join multiple debate competitions, including WSC, to which he made it to the finals.


Through all the hobbies listed, though, Ruben's greatest passion is helping others. Though this description is very vague, it's almost enough to motivate and direct an almost simple-minded person like Ruben. Ever since the age of 8, Ruben has been introduced to service projects through his mother's endeavor of helping a local orphanage. The visit left Ruben joyous from being able to see so many smiles at once and motivated him to try his best to make smiles no matter the method. From then on, Ruben continued to grow his passion for helping others by participating in or hosting events. The range of events was broad, from island cleanups to orphanage visits to even presenting a presentation about SDGs in front of the vice president and a hundred ambassadors.


From all the activities he's done, Ruben wishes to commit his life to helping others to the best of his extent. With technology being the center of human growth and development, he hopes to further his education and understanding of STEM through a computer science major at MIT so he can develop a long-lasting solution that would solve problems affecting human life.

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