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Tamanna Nambiar’s fervent passion for human rights is evident in her multifaceted approach, spanning academic pursuits, research endeavors, and activism initiatives. She believes in the power of youth, and recently participated in the launch event of the Engine Room for the Future campaign of UN Foundation. 

The Story

From assisting in the rehabilitation of human trafficking victims to advocating for women's rights, and student mental health, and addressing systemic poverty, Tamanna demonstrates a deep commitment to fostering positive change in society. 


Beyond the confines of academia, she immerses herself in the realms of history and public policy, channeling her dedication into volunteer work. She is the founder of EquityEd, focused on delivering inclusive educational systems for underprivileged girls in various provinces across India. 


An avid debater, Tamanna dedicates her free time to in-depth research, endeavoring to gain a deeper understanding of the rich history of India. In addition to her intellectual pursuits, she distinguishes herself as an accomplished archer, investing time in rigorous training and national competitions.


Looking ahead, Tamanna aims to utilize her experiences and skill sets to tackle the global challenges she is most concerned about through engaging with the real world, such as attending global conferences, contributing to youth organizations, enrolling in youth fellowship programs and more. She believes that most youth have the heart to make a positive difference, and she seeks to help convert their passion into action. 

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