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Antan Fenley is 15 years old and he likes to think and work independently. Some things he enjoys doing are hockey, piano, reading, and boy scouts. He is passionate about children’s healthcare, in particular certain diseases such as cancer that can impact them at a young age. Furthermore, he has taken an interest in conserving both people and planetary health, with the former focused on mental health and the latter on climate change.

The Story

Growing up, he thinks his most important lesson learned is to learn from other people's mistakes and one’s own mistakes. Currently in Grade 10, Antan’s favorite subject is history, not only because he does well in it from an academic perspective, but also he believes that a fundamental understanding of history is key to ensure human kind does not repeat the same errors that have often been associated with disaster or trauma at a global scale. Outside of history, he enjoys English classes and is an avid reader, particularly thought-provoking titles such as Fahrenheit 451. 


In terms of extracurricular activities, he is a troop leader in boy scouts, where he values the opportunity to grow leadership skills as well as to learn more about and engage with nature. In his role, he manages his patrol team of 12-15 scouts and oversees meetings and campouts. His next ambition is to earn his Eagle Badge, which he intends to wear with honor and act as a role model for the younger generations - which means great team management skills. 


Looking ahead, Antan’s objectives are to learn skills and meet people that will help him attain his dream of being an entrepreneur in his future. He also hopes that the college he attends sets him up for a good career that has high potential to be successful from both a professional and personal perspective.

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