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Chenxi Jing, or Chelsea, is obsessed with manual activities. She shows great interest in LEGOs, drums, and car models. Chelsea is also captivated by debates, she finds cooperating with teammates and convincing opponents a great pleasure. In addition, she shows an interest in Biology and is especially attracted to the human body structure.

The Story

Growing up, Chelsea has demonstrated an interest in medicine-related topics. Her parents are oncologists, which exposed her to their work at a very young age. But before grade 7, she had barely any interest in medicine because she thought it was boring and beyond her knowledge and hated the job of being a surgeon, but she was quite attracted to models and LEGOs. However, after the pandemic, she found out that being a doctor can have access to the latest vaccines or research on specific topics, and be able to do experiments (p.s. she is really into manually related activities). During the summer vacation in 2023, she had a chance to volunteer in the Chinese medicine department for a week. It was fun and new, and she experienced acupuncture during that time and thought it was a miracle. That’s how she got into medicine.


Currently at school, she is engaged in a broad range of activities, echoing her diverse interests. From an academic perspective, she is taking physics, chemistry and biology, with her favorite course being Biology Colloquy HPQ. Outside of the classroom, she juggles being a member of the badminton school team, flying drones, and taking part in debates and speeches. During downtime, she plays with Legos, takes pictures and soon will start filming short videos.


Looking ahead, she aims to become a general surgeon when she graduates from college, and contribute her time and energy to serving the medical needs of her community.

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