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Anthony Ding has demonstrated an unwavering interest in astrophysics, mechanical engineering and aerodynamics since elementary school, and he stands at the intersection of curiosity and innovation. He appreciates almost all aspects of physics and engineering. He also enjoys making those around him laugh, and often finds himself cracking jokes and telling stories.

The Story

When he was young, his fourth grade teacher told him a story about a world where everybody carries a bucket with them. By doing a kind act, they pour a bit of a magical rainbow kindness fluid from their bucket to another person’s. The point of the story was that the world would be a much better place if we all tried to fill each other’s buckets, and how small acts of kindness from everyone would make a massive impact. Later on, he learned about the bystander effect, and how that influences peoples’ behavior. He realized that there is a very large group of people, who, when meeting an issue that pertains to a group of people, assumes that other people will take on the responsibility of doing something. He decided that he would not let himself fall into this category, and decided to do his best to help those around him, even if only by a little bit.


To realize his ambitions in the world of engineering, Anthony is challenging himself in multiple ways to broaden. In terms of his academics, he is taking courses such as Chinese Intermediate High II, AP Economics, Accelerated Chemistry, AP Calculus BC, AP Physics C, Read, Write, and Publish in the Digital Age and Computer Science I to build up his knowledge. He enjoys math competitions, having excelled at AMC10, AMC12 and AIME. In terms of building his leadership, he is engaged with S.A.V.E, an environmental protection club which does paper recycling and plants trees in the school rainforests, Math Club, where he explores math concepts outside the classroom, often competition math or puzzles that require problem solving, and Ultimate Frisbee Club, where he play friendly frisbee matches, and occasionally against other schools in Singapore


During his spare time, Anthony is writing a research paper on the flight of a disc in Ultimate Frisbee and the impact of different starting factors, such as initial spin and velocity. He also runs a workshop that takes place on Saturdays for Elementary school students, where they get to explore a variety of different physics/aerospace topics in order to build their interests


Looking ahead, Anthony seeks to find a fulfilling career after college. As he sets his sights on engineering programs, he remains intellectually curious and wishes to pursue something he is interested in and can see opportunities to accomplish significant impact. He is steadfast in his mission to make a positive impact on the world, even if smarting small, starting with environmental issues and beyond.

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