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Hugo Charvet-Faure is a French High school student who enjoys being with his friends, doing sports or even work on subjects that interest him such as mathematics or economics. He is a youth advocate for children’s and environmental rights.

The Story

Growing up, the most important lesson he learned is that working as a team with teammates or even colleagues will always help one do better or achieve higher goals. The power of partnerships can help all members of a team realize their full potential and achieve synergies. 


To pursue his ambitions, Hugo is taking a wide variety of courses to satisfy his growing intellectual curiosity. From an academic perspective, he is taking math, economics, physics, English, French and Spanish, in addition to finance courses online. His extracurricular activities include playing in a soccer team and also a lot of cycling. In his down time, he spends them playing other sports, and enriching his knowledge in the areas of mathematics and finance.  


Looking ahead, his objectives are to be able to study with great teachers in a good environment. He hopes to land a career where he can be professionally and personally successful, and to be able to create a family. For Hugo, he wants to leave a legacy in issues such as healthcare, refugee rights and climate change, and he aims to be a lifelong learner to accomplish this.

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