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Emily Chen is a high school student, devoted to achieving her dreams while helping those around her. She is interested in medicine and the natural sciences, but is particularly passionate about the environment.

The Story

Growing up, Emily’s parents encouraged her to explore many activities, one of which was piano. Despite Emily’s initial belief that she lacked musical aptitude, she continued her practice because she knew it was important to her personal development. There was one particular piece that was extra difficult because of the accidentals, which made Emily extremely frustrated. Even though she wanted to give up, her parents motivated her to continue, and it ended up being one of her favorite pieces to play. This memory remains a constant reminder for her that perseverance can allow one to surpass any obstacle, no matter how impossible it seems.


In school, Emily engages in a diverse range of classes and clubs, and dedicates her summers to scientific research. Emily has many hobbies, but other than STEM, Emily thoroughly enjoys the arts. For almost 13 years, she has loved drawing, piano, and dance, especially ballet and traditional Chinese dance. She extends her talents to her peers in school, and also initiates extracurricular activities, such as a Chinese dance class and an environmental art class for children in her community.  


Through her academic pursuits and extracurriculars, Emily found her passion for environmental studies. She recognized the lack of enthusiasm for environmental protection and sustainability efforts, and aspires to grow awareness throughout her high school journey and beyond. Her ultimate goal is to help create a world where people are conscious of their natural surroundings, and determined to save the earth.

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