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Based in Toronto, Canada, Jordan Lin is an ambitious, creative and humorous young man with passions for school, arts, and sports. He believes that being in a team and collaborating, not only in sports but also academically is crucial throughout the teenage years. Hard work pays off too from his perspective. In terms of global issues, he would prioritize reproductive justice, climate change, pandemic preparation and poverty as problems he would like to tackle.

The Story

When he was in pre-school, one of his favorite stories was The Boy Who Cried Wolf as it taught him to never lie. In the boy who cried wolf, a boy would lie everyday there was a wolf. This would soon diminish people's trust of the boy. Eventually, there was a wolf and no one believed him. In this story, lying would ultimately lead to his death. This story heavily impacted Jordan. Jordan strongly believes in trust, and in this story the people's trust of the boy would be diminished by lying.


Jordan’s favorite academic subjects are science and geography. In terms of extracurriculars, he likes to play in a basketball team as a shooting guard, and is also part of the fitness club hitting the weights and working out. As an avid fan of music, Jordan likes to play the guitar. In his spare time, he enjoys nature walks as a way to decompress, play video games like Brawlstars and hang out with friends at his boarding school. 


In the long term, Jordan is uncertain of what job he might have in the future but hopes to have a successful one. More importantly, he aims to leave a legacy behind for future generations in the area of youth health. One area of advocacy he is personally vested in is on the topic of vaping in youth and teens.

From his personal perspective, there are many risks of vaping especially when youth are going through puberty, as vaping can cause long term brain damage and lung issues. More importantly, it is also illegal to vape under the age of 19, and youth should learn better to obey the law.

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