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Andrew Jin is a driven student who seeks to go as in-depth as he can in the topics he is interested in, from debate to a simple game of contract bridge. He is a youth advocate for issues surrounding climate change, water scarcity and disinformation, and has ambitions to become a serial entrepreneur. Andrew is the founder of Ascend Agency to advocate for sound public infrastructure. 

The Story

Born in Princeton, New Jersey during a blistering snowstorm, Andrew grew up with the understanding that perseverance is the most important quality someone can have. Whether it’s something as minor as winning a three hour tennis match to creating a startup with LaunchX, he understands that no change or progress can be made if persistence and passion is not involved. To incorporate this understanding, he has spent the last three years of his life dedicated to bringing the game of contract bridge to the youth. 


In school, Andrew is an avid member of the speech and debate program where he does congressional debate, spending hours advocating for solutions to current world affairs, bringing home multiple national awards. As part of his school’s student government, he plans and organizes events for the 1,600 students he represents. Outside of school, Andrew is an avid contract bridge player, where he has won seven first place finishes in three years. 

To make an impact on the future of marketing, Andrew launched Ascend Agency and designed the 7As of Advancement framework for changemaking: audience, advantages, agents, analytics, accountability, ambition, and assets. This project will ultimately be used for fixing the key issue of climate change, which is exacerbated by corruption, causing lagging public infrastructure among other issues.


In the future, Andrew hopes to study finance through a dual-enrollment program to better grasp interdisciplinary study, and create a multi-faceted platform for impact realisation.

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