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duc Anh

Duc Anh Nguyen is an energetic young student who has studied in both Vietnam and the United States. His passions lie in the areas of finance, business and computer science, and he believes that when youth work together, the future of sustainability will be brighter. He is the founder of YouthRise as well as EcoCycle. 

The Story

He finds inspirations for his life through both quotes and stories he reads. One such quote he has found profound influence in is “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react”. It has remarkably transformed his outlook and actions, and has prompted a shift wherein before he would attribute blame to external circumstances, he would now instead embrace the empowerment of taking personal responsibility. One such scenario is in grade nine when he was waiting to take an exam outside the school. When it came to his turn, the staff suddenly said that he couldn’t take the exam without a passport. There was a root of this problem, which objectively is not his fault and the center.  He was stunned for a while because of the cost he gave to have a chance to take that exam, which is not only about money. He needed to fly away from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh to take that exam, which means that it is impossible for him to have his passport immediately. Fortunately, instead of blaming fate and his bad luck, he actively asked both staff members and directors to find the solution. Even though it took him more than two hours to restart, he finally did the test which couldn’t be done if he just sat there angrily and placed blame on external factors. 


Duc Anh has a wide variety of interests, both inside and outside of school. From an academic perspective, his favorite subjects are mathematics, economics and computer science. He finds economics immensely captivating as it equips him with the ability to comprehend global occurrences and the underlying causes and outcomes that unfold. From an extracurricular activity perspective, Duc Anh was selected to attend Biznovation Summer Camp in Da Nang, where he had the opportunity to work with students around the world to develop smart and sustainable solutions for the city. His team placed second and was awarded the opportunity to present EcoCycle at Forum of the Future, a UN Foundation youth event during UN General Assembly week in 2023. His other interests include Debate, MUN, basketball, kick-boxing, coding, reading books, playing piano.


On a personal note, he takes pleasure in caring for his community through an social media advocacy campaign encouraging males across Vietnam and other Asian countries to better look after their physical selves, for both professional and personal well-being. YouthRise is his project aimed to bring economic empowerment training and opportunities for youth in the Global South, starting with Southeast Asia. 


Looking ahead, Duc Anh wishes to pursue his passions in the area of finance in order to gain outstanding achievements such as MPT, EMH, HFT in the future. He genuinely believes in the power of positive and prosperous  partnerships as a pathway towards protecting people and the planet. 

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