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Soyo Sasamori is a creative and driven individual who wishes to create impact through the intersection of arts, design and business. She believes in the potential of her generation to deliver real, positive change to the world, and to achieve this, she seeks to play her part in activating the passion in her peers to connect education and influence development with entrepreneurship.

The Story

When reflecting back on her life, Soyo recounts the support she has received from her teachers and classmates as she struggled with both social development and academics while attending elementary school in Japan. She recalls when she once broke a bone and had to be at home, they sent her a pile of letters and lunches to make her feel better. From these moments, she found her strength in making someone else happier, by entertaining them and helping them look for what they like to have or what they would like to improve on to make something better or more attractive. As she matured, she discovered that even a simple presentation of the importance of nutrients, a topic many people may not initially feel attracted to, made an impact with her community. She made it like a comedy-drama style so that many students would be more enthusiastic about it, and even incorporated the art of singing to further engagement. 


To continue making positive changes in and out of her school, she serves as a period ambassador with Monaregles, and has participated in service trips with local schools in Delhi. She creates Instagram posts related to child abuse, works with university-level publicity social media managers to promote the cause, and even demonstrates her interest in animal care and well-being through visiting Amazonian rainforests.


Looking ahead, she aims to attend a great university in the United States, where she can study marketing, promotion and influence to deepen her understanding, as well as development of practical skills, in design and art. To prepare herself for a career in the areas of design and art, should like to integrate them with causes she cares about, such as healthcare and healthy consumerism, and promote products and services fostering a more cohesive and healthy society.

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