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Rebecca Wang, a fifteen-year-old in the Bay Area, believes in embracing diversity and drawing inspiration from the world around her. She is passionate about bringing her creativity with kindness to the world.

The Story

Rebecca was born and raised in ShenZhen, China until she was 11 years old, where her parents decided to move to California. She considers herself lucky to have the opportunity for education in America, grateful for the support of both God and her parents. With Chinese as her first language, she joined the ACE (Aspiring to Create English) club at school. Every week, she volunteers to teach English to high school students in China. As she looks back on her teaching experiences, Rebecca recalls the difficulties she encountered when she first came to America. She tries to offer the best guidance to her students. She always goes the extra mile to explain grammar and reading concepts, driven by her memories of her own educational journey and a strong desire to help others overcome language barriers.


Rebecca always observes and appreciates the beautiful, fun side of the world, even with what she studies at school. This perspective influences her studies, where she applies her chemistry knowledge in labs, explores intricate patterns in Java coding, and expresses her unique worldview through visual arts. She also enjoys cooking, traveling, and playing volleyball. 


Since she was young, Rebecca liked to draw. In high school, she joined the Media Arts Programs and has remained committed to it. In 9th grade, her animated video was picked as one of the best projects in her school's yearly media arts event. For the future, Rebecca wants to study STEM or Chemistry in college while still keeping art in the picture.


Rebecca often wonders if every subject, like computer science, math, art, etc is a form of language. Could it be simpler for students if they viewed them as diverse ways of expressing ideas?

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