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Michelle Tu is a Canadian student attending secondary school in Metro Vancouver with passions for medicine and community service.

The Story

Having been born and raised in the province of British Columbia, Michelle grew up with the privilege of receiving adequate and accessible treatment from one of the best sectors in Canada’s public health care system. However, she was made aware from a young age that not everybody was fortunate enough to have access to medical care, let alone receive cost-free treatment. Michelle’s appreciation for public health care was cemented when she learned that  it had provided her grandmother with life-saving cancer treatment. After seeing the positive impact public service creates, Michelle aspired to give back to the community in hopes that she too can make a difference in the lives of others, no matter how small. In middle school, she started volunteering to lead free sports and science programs for young children at community centres and libraries. 


Over the years, Michelle has gained experiences and developed skills from numerous  opportunities. She is now a youth facilitator for the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Here4Peers program, and teaches elementary school students about mental health and how to support themselves. Additionally, Michelle has taught and learned first aid through the Royal Canadian Air Cadets program for a couple years, and is planning to get her First Responders certification to join her school’s student first aider team. 


Having competed for her school in track and field since her first year, she also coaches the team’s students who compete in sprinting events. This summer, Michelle will be attending the Shad Canada summer program, where she will have access to university level STEAM and entrepreneurship content and mentors while working with other high school students to develop a solution for the Real-World Design Project.


Michelle hopes to major in biology for pre-medical studies at Johns Hopkins University. Following graduation, she aspires to further her learning through completing a M.D. degree and radiation oncology residency at the same institution. Ultimately, Michelle hopes to become a radiation oncologist at a public hospital, where she can provide care for cancer patients from diverse backgrounds, continuing her commitment to public service and pursuit of accessible healthcare. 

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