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An adaptable and progressive attitude is what Benjamin Wen continuously strives to attain. He believes that the rise in artificial intelligence is in equal parts  awe-inspiring and threatening. What we benefit from using AI, like greater productivity and the autonomy to create what we desire, is counteracted by detriments in the form of algorithmic bias and privacy violations. Benjamin sees the importance of educating people of these risks to make this technology more productive yet more safe.

The Story

Benjamin grew up facing challenges and change. As an older twin brother, he was introduced to competition – and cooperation – from an early age. Every day, he and his twin competed in whatever activity possible, be that swimming, academic tests, badminton or piano. Whatever the scenario, Benjamin endeavors to make the most out of the situation. Having a twin to keep company was very fortunate for Benjamin as his family would constantly move around the world. When he was six, he and his family would move from Canada to Luxembourg; when he was eleven, he started boarding school in the UK. Every place he moved to, he would be able to fit in and make new friends. The many countries he has lived in also gave Benjamin an everlasting appreciation for cultural differences and showed how change can be interesting - as long as you're willing to adapt to it. 

In school, Benjamin is an active member of the badminton team. He was part of a crew of four that rowed at National Schools and achieved 2nd place in the C final. His subjects are mostly stem as he is doing math, further math, physics, and computer science as A-levels. He also has an AS-level course in ancient greek. 


Benjamin’s main objective of attending a great university is to hone his knowledge and skills in the field I decide to explore. That could be computer vision or large language models or even a completely tangential field. He hopes this will allow him to connect with other like-minded people and allow him to access learning experiences, like internships, that would not be achievable otherwise.

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