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Aika Oki aspires to advocate for climate change while also integrating issues such as food insecurity and access to healthcare. She has always felt an attachment to nature and is committed to preserving the planet for all.

The Story

When she was younger, she once attended a camp at the Harvard Museum of Natural Science, where she could explore drawing animals and analyzing them. She loved exploring her love of animals, the science side of learning their distinct features, while combining them in a work of art. She remembers how it brings out the joy of exploring many of her interests at once, which she has further developed in her current activities.

Aika loves exploring research mathematics, which she has done with the MIT PRIMES STEP research group. She especially loves number theory, since it allows her to explore deeply about surprising relationships between ordinary numbers. She also has a passion for playing the violin, and is currently in the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra’s premier orchestra.

In the future, she looks forward to pursuing mathematics or physics and combining it with music, and using it to advance technology in an equitable and climate-friendly way.

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