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Jasper Chan is a self driven and highly determined individual. His primary interests include Finance and Economics, which he aspires to pursue as a career in the future.

The Story

Growing up in a sports oriented family, Jasper has always been actively engaged in sports and outdoor activities. Whether it was participating in team sports, conquering physical challenges, or pushing his limits, he learned the invaluable lesson of perseverance and refusing to give up. One of Jasper’s most memorable lessons was when his parents taught him the fundamental concept  “give and take” through these 3 simple words, he learned to find balance and understand results come with hard work.

Jasper's determination to be able to attend a good university and high end firm, has led to him taking on roles within the Prefect team, Student council and also the House team. In addition to that Jasper has also worked at list company as a summer accounting intern and worked at STRIPE, Inc.  He is also a competitive rugby and volleyball player, winning the ISSFHK in 2022. Finally Jasper has also competed in inter-school business competitions placing 2nd and Math competitions ranking 5th in HK.  


Jasper plans to major in Finance and Economics from Columbia University (his dream university). He one day hopes to work for investment firms like Morgan Stanely or consultant firms like McKinsey and Deloitte to pursue his interest as a career.

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