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Sabrina Xu is a passionate individual who is interested in positively impacting people’s lives through a career in healthcare. She wishes to major in biochemistry and when she is not at home, you can find her at her local nursing home or playing tennis at the park.

The Story

When Sabrina was eight, in Beijing, China on Vacation, her dad had to step out for business, leaving her 30 yuan to buy lunch. Although she was scared, she took the bus herself, ordered, and returned. The experience showed her that anything was possible as long as she left her fear behind, a mindset she still carries.


She is actively engaged across various disciplines to pursue holistic professional and personal development. Sabrina currently takes 4 AP classes, with an emphasis on math and sciences. In her free time, she serves as a leader for the Chemistry club teaching chemistry to underclassmen, as well as a mathematics tutor for elementary school students, getting them all into advanced math classes.


Sabrina’s other dedications include being captain of her tennis team, and organizing bi-monthly lectures and fundraisers for endangered animals as part of her school’s Animal Association. So far, the club has raised 3k and is expanding its influence in NYC. Every few weeks for the past 2 years, Sabrina goes to her local nursing home to spend time with the residents there, listening to their stories and sharing her own. 


Looking forward, Sabrina hopes to use the compassion she has for those around her, whether they are younger or older than her, or even an animal, in a career pursuing medicine. She hopes to become a professional in healthcare through the BS/MD route or medical school.

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