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Nathan Jagota is a fun-loving yet ambitious young man. Hailing from Thailand, he is currently based in the US. His main passions currently lie in the intersection of engineering and entrepreneurship which he hopes to pursue as a future career and foundation for impact.

The Story

Nathan grew up with a grounded mother and a highly ambitious father, leaving him to absorb the best of both worlds. At the age of 10, Nathan was ordained as a novice in a buddhist monastery in the rurals of Thailand. There, he learned not only of the simplicity of life, but witnessed the disparity of wealth and the misallocation of resources. Nathan describes this experience as simply “eye-opening to the issues and opportunities that exist in society.”


A large part of Nathan’s life revolves around sports. His short term goal is to lead his varsity soccer team to the playoffs in his senior year, and he hopes to play in college. Whenever he visits home, he can’t help but enjoy his time by doing Muay Thai. To Nathan, sports are more than a physical activity: it connects him to people of different cultures and backgrounds. 


Nathan has a strong academic performance. Through his STEM courses, Nathan has a growing interest in chemistry and quantum physics. Nathan also has an interest in the behavior of people and money, demonstrated in his partaking of Advanced Studies in Economics, Cryptocurrency club, and a Financial Investment club. Additionally, Nathan has been cultivating his engineering skills as part of the school’s Solar Car team. During the pandemic, he founded WiseDonor, a platform that allows donors to buy excess goods from companies at lower price points to donate to the less fortunate.  


In University, Nathan plans to pursue a multitude of interests to see which best fits him. He hopes his time in college will allow him to seek creative venues to make an impact.

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